Events and Training


Dates and Locations

Core Training in ISTDP
28-30 July 2018

Jon Frederickson
9 August 2018

New Core Training Group
Due to interest from practitioners wishing to start a Core Training this year, a second 2018 Core Training will commence 16-18 November 2018 if there is sufficient demand.   If you are wishing to join a three year Core Training in ISTDP, beginning in either November 2018 or April 2019, please express your interest by email asap?

Advanced Training in ISTDP
with Jon Frederickson and Julie Cochrane
10-12 August 2018

Introductory Workshop in ISTDP
15-17 September 2018

Patricia Coughlin PhD
30-31 March 2019

Core Training in ISTDP
6-8 April 2019
(2019 intake – applications now being accepted)

For further information about trainings or supervision in ISTDP please
contact Julie Cochrane

Individual and Group Supervision in ISTDP
Individual and small group Skype supervision in ISTDP is available.

If you would like to further information about any of these events or supervision groups or ISTDP therapy, please contact Julie Cochrane on mobile 0424220314 or email


“I have immensely benefited from her observations and suggestions regarding my clients. Julie has a very meticulous attention to detail about the technique of ISTDP.   She has a step by step approach to apply the theory and technique to the client’s problems. She has encouraged me to follow the moment by moment interventions and I have seen amazing results emerge from following up on her suggestions. Even though miles away in India, I have found no logistical difficulties in connecting for the supervision over Skype. I wish she continues this superb work and helps many more trainees like me.”

–    Dr Darshan Shah
Psychiatrist and ISTDP Core Training Trainee;
Ahmedabad, India.

“I highly recommend Julie Cochrane as both a psychotherapist and teacher/supervisor.   As a therapist, Julie is remarkably attuned and attentive. She helps each client find their personal growth edge with her warm, understanding presence and productive focus. As a supervisor, Julie has a gift for helping therapists identify their personal learning blocks and compassionately guiding them through to improved effectiveness. Julie is highly sensitive to differences of culture, race, gender, etc., and treats every client and trainee as a unique person.

Do yourself a favour and see Julie!”

–    Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist
Author of Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists: A Guide to Improving Clinical Effectiveness.