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"Freud discovered the unconscious Davanloo has discovered how to use it therapeutically”. David Malan, 1980

Core Training in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP)

A three-year course provides training in the theory and technique of Intensive Short term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP); a method of treatment that is receiving increasing empirical support as both clinically effective across a wide spectrum of patients and as highly cost-effective. To be effective, very specific training in ISTDP is involved.

This three-year training program is designed for mental health professionals seeking expertise in the method of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

During this course, you will receive didactic lectures, watch the videotaped work of the trainers demonstrating the effective use of the technique with their own patients, participate in role plays to demonstrate the application of the technique, participate in skill building exercises devised by Jon Frederickson to enhance the practical application of ISTDP, show your own work for supervision and participate in the group process.

You will be taught how to use the principles of Deliberate Practice to review your own videos, between trainings and supervisions, to facilitate progress and are encouraged to spend a minimum of one hour per week reviewing your videos.

Readings and individual learning goals will be assigned for each block of training.


A three-year commitment is required for participation in this course.

While your own psychotherapy is not a requirement, it is encouraged.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A currently registered mental health professional at all times during enrolment in the Core Training
  • The capacity to video record therapy sessions with at least three adult or older adolescent patients

Trainer & Supervisor

Julie Cochrane is a Clinical Psychologist who has been practicing ISTDP for over 25 years, introducing it to Australia. She is certified by both The ISTDP Insitute and the InternaBonal ExperienBal Dynamic Therapy AssociaBon (IEDTA) to teach and supervise ISTDP. She completed Core Training and Advanced Training in Stockholm, Sweden, and has also completed a 3.5-year teacher training course in ISTDP.

Julie is the Director of Dynamic Psychotherapy in Carlton (Melbourne), which has over 26 therapists fully trained, or in training, in ISTDP and offers individual therapy to adults, adolescents and children, and couples therapy.

Julie teaches and supervises ISTDP in Australia and internationally, including mental health professionals in New Zealand, India, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Malaysia, Portugal and Turkey.

Our next three-year Core Training in ISTDP begins Sat 22 – Mon 24 March 2025.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending a core training.

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