ISTDP Australia

"Freud discovered the unconscious Davanloo has discovered how to use it therapeutically”. David Malan, 1980

ISTDP Supervision

ISTDP Australia provides a number of ISTDP supervision offerings:

  • individual supervision
  • clinical psychology
  • registrar programs
  • small-group supervision
  • case consultation

Supervision in implementing the theory and technique of ISTDP is available to therapists who have completed a three-day Pre-Core Training and/or Introductory Workshop in ISTDP, or Core Training in ISTDP, or Advanced Training in ISTDP. Supervision aims to further your growth in the successful implementation of ISTDP including with a focus on the understanding of theory and the implementation of specific skills appropriate to the patient’s presentation.   Supervision is tailored to the individual therapist including taking into consideration their stage of learning of ISTDP.

It is necessary to be video recording your therapy sessions to receive supervision in ISTDP.

Supervision can help you in the following areas:

  • understanding intrapsychic conflict
  • understanding and tracking the patient using Malan’s Two Triangles
  • psychodiagnosis
  • build capacity to maintain an internal focus
  • understanding and tracking conflict on Malan’s Two Triangles
  • moment-by-moment tracking of your patient
  • therapeutic interventions based on the patient’s response
  • improve capacity to track anxiety
  • improve defense work
  • building capacity to work within the transference
  • use countertransference psychotherapeutically
  • building confidence in using ISTDP appropriately, safely, and effectively

For further information on supervision or to go on the waiting list for a small group supervision, please email [email protected]

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